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How To Fix Corrupt Windows Files Using SFC And DISM

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Today I will teach you friends “How to fix a corrupted Windows system without formatting it”.

Sometimes we have several problem like Windows Explorer not working or some program (Windows) not working correctlly because of our system files got deleted or get corrupted. So we have to format and reinstall Windows in order to work with it properlly.

But is there any way to fix our Windows without formatting it?

The answer is yes. If some of Windows system files got corrupted and you can log into your Windows. Then maybe you can repair your Windows without reinstalling it. Here are the methods…


Open CMD as Administrator by right clicking on Windows start logo and clicking over “Command Prompt (Admin)“.

If a UAC message poped out just click on Yes.

A Black DOS Window will showup. Now type there:


Hit enter button from your keyboard it will showup the System File Verfication process from 1% to 100% then it will tell you it can repair your Windows system files or not. If you get a message that files got repaired successfully then just restart your Windows and your problems will be probablly gone.


But if SFC SCAN show that it found some problem and unable to fix them like the picture below, Then we have to go for DISM method.




Insert your Windows Disk into your DVD-ROM.

Now open CMD as Administrator by right clicking on Windows start logo and clicking over “Command Prompt (Admin)“.

If a UAC message poped out just click on Yes.

A Black DOS Window will showup. Now type there:

DISM /Online /Cleanup-Image /RestoreHealth /source:WIM:S:\sources\install.wim:1 /LimitAccess

Please replace the S: with your DVD-ROM drive letter. Maybe it’s D: or E:.

This will scan your Windows’s recovery image and repair it from the installation DVD. Once it is done it will show you a message like the image below:


Now type on your prompt “SFC /SCANNOW”. This time SFC definatelly repair your Windows system files but if it fails then there is no option other that reinstalling the Windows.


I hope this tutorial is informative. If you like this and helped you don’t forget to share it with friends.

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How To Create A Bootable USB Of Windows

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Sometimes we don’t have a DVD burner in our computer or blank disk with us to burn operating system on that. But we need to format our computer, in that condition you can use your USB Flash Disk Drive as a bootable media. You need atleast 4 GB of USB Flash drive in order to create a Windows 7 or later version bootable media.

1. First insert the Flash disk into your computer.

2. Open your command prompt with Administrator privilege.

3. Type there: DiskPart and hit enter button from your keyboard.



4. When it ready to take another input again (DISKPART> Prompt) just type there: List Disk and hit enter from your keyboard.



Now it will show you list of disks presented on your system and as you can see the 14 GB (Disk 4) one is my flash drive. It’s actually a 16 GB of flash drive.

5. Now type there Select Disk 4 and hit enter from your keyboard to select or choose the disk 4 or in our case, My USB flash drive.  Just change the number 4 with your Flash Disk number. For you it could be number 2 Or 3 Or anything. You have to check that first.

6. Now Type Clean and hit enter from your keyboard. It will clean your flash drive to a raw state without any partition.

7. Now type Create Partition Primary to create a Primary partition on your raw flash disk. As primary partition is required in order to boot from the disk.

8. Now type there Active and hit enter. It will mark your disk’s primary partition as a active boot partition. So system will boot from that partition.



9. As you can see on the screenshot. Now you need to format your disk into FAT32 or NTFS file system. If you want to use EFI Boot you must have to format the disk into FAT32 mode, otherwise you can format the disk into NTFS mode.

To format in NTFS mode the command will be:

format fs=ntfs quick

Here the quick stands for quick format. And to format the disk in FAT32 you have to type this command:

format fs=fat32 quick

And hit enter from your keyboard and wait until its completes. And it will show you a message “DiskPart successfully formatted the volume.


Now close this black command prompt window and copy all the files inside your Windows DVD or Inside Windows ISO to your Flash Drive using the Explorer (My Computer). And you have successfully created a Bootable Windows Setup USB Disk. Now you can boot from this USB to install and repair your Operating System. If you do have any question feel free to ask me below.

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