How To Fix Chrome “Couldn’t Load Plug-In” Error

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Ok, If you guys are using x64 version of Chrome and having issue with viewing videos online. Then here is some quick fix for you that will help to resolve your problem. Well I’m using Google Chrome 39.0.2171.99 x64, I’m facing an issue. In many video streaming websites, I’m getting an error “Couldn’t Load Plug-In” error.

After a research what I have found is that the 64-bit version of Chrome supports only 64-bit NPAPI plugins, The PPAPI plugin causing this problem. So, from the Chrome plug-in management page I have disabled the PPAPI module of adobe flash and now those websites are just working perfectly. So, Here I’m posting a guide how to do that by yourself. Disabling the PPAPI and keep NPAPI plug-in enabled.

First on your Chrome address bar type:


And hit the enter button from your keyboard.



Now click on Details on the top right corner of your page, Like shown in the above image. Now search for Adobe Flash Player and disable the one with PPAPI (out-of-process) plug-in by clicking on Disable option below it. Like shown in the image below.



Now close your Chrome browser and restart it. And your problem will be solved. If you are still facing the same issue, Then feel free to comment us below and don’t forget to share us.

Thank you….

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83 thoughts on “How To Fix Chrome “Couldn’t Load Plug-In” Error”

      1. This is simple step which I have been doing and work for me always …. in seconds.

        Just go to following folder in your computer:

        C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash

        delete the item in PepperFlash folder and you will be all set to go. After deleting the contents in PepperFlash restart google and you will be running happy.

        1. Some guys in YouTube say almost the same thing. But they simply rename the .dll instead of deleting all the files in the PepperFlash folder. I’d like to give your method a try. But will deleting them not have any ‘side effect’? Thanks

        2. Thank you, very much Tony. It worked the first time. For anyone that is still struggling with it, use Tony’s advice, go to Start and enter the following address, but instead of YOUR NAME, enter your computer name and then delete the file that comes up: C:\Users\YOUR NAME\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\PepperFlash

  1. Alright I’ve done this about 5 months ago to fix the plugin issue but now it is back and that extension is already disabled. pls. help.

      1. My current browser is up to date (version 49) and I seem to not have an NPAPI plug in which I figured out is why I’m getting the “download Flash” prompt. What is the next step I can do?

  2. After Disabling it, Now upon opening the video page, it is asking for downloading the ADOBE flash player, but no option to download it for chrome :(
    Please advise

  3. Ok cool that worked…now i try to play movie and it says install the latest version of flash player. Ok did that , restarted the system and it still won’t reconize that i have the latest. Next?

      1. what if i am using x64 version of Chrome?
        I am using hotstar (in google chrome) to watch movies, but it’s showing the “COULDN’T LOAD PLUG-IN” error.

  4. I’m having this same issue. Disabled the PPAPI extension, I have the latest version of Chrome (47.02 something), but for me, this started just yesterday (dec 25, 2015). Multiple sites have the same issue

  5. Same issue as Nishtai, if i do this trick now I only get black screen on twitch. Happened couple of days ago

      1. I am having the same problem,

        I have tried everything, uninstalling adobe flash. chrome. firefox. Clearing all known profiles and still nothing.


  6. YouTube and other video viewing things are fine but I cant play games on Facebook and my younger sister cant play her game Fantage. How can I fix this?

  7. It is great. Three days after automatic updates and trying everything I could think of, I came upon this. Two minutes and I’m questionably fine again.

  8. I have disabled the PPAPI version of Flash. Now my video says it can’t find flash player and do download another one. I did that hoping to get the NPAPI version but only the PPAPI version comes over. I am running Chrome 49 – I just updated to 64 bit.

  9. I will leave a BIG A++ to this fix. Waded through several BS “solutions” but this is the on that has worked. Now to figure out what it interfered with lol….

  10. hey i have followed your instructions and i disabled the abode flash player .but still it shows an error..

  11. Thanks.. I’m on 64-bit Win7,, I disabled Flash and this worked for some websites but other websites I’m getting prompted “You do not have the correct Flash plugin installed”. I have current Flash version installed which is… So the solution worked but didn’t work. I am confused as to why Flash needs to be “disabled” when it needs to be there to view videos?

  12. I <3 U.
    Your fix worked. :) Now I can keep using Canary and stop using Default. Dev builds are so tasty. ^.^

  13. I’m getting error Loading player:
    No playable sources found.
    after disabling the flash player plugin!

  14. Hi ! About the same problem above. How about my chrome its already updated 53. Why is it that my flash player doesnt work?

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