How To Download And Burn Windows 10

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Click below the link to download the Microsoft’s Latest Windows 10 ISO Image:

Download Windows 10 Build 9879 Offline ISO

(SHA-1 hash value: 9E58166123D333A76EED069FCC85A56F7E079BFD)

After download is completed right click over the file you just have downloaded and click on Burn Disk Image. And you will get a window like below:


Insert a blank DVD disk (4.47GB) into your DVD Burner and click on Burn button and wait until burn process completes.

Once the burning process completed, You may boot your PC from that DVD to install windows 10 on your computer.

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How To Start Windows In Safe Mode Using MSCONFIG

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Ok here is another guide on how you can start your windows in Safe Mode by changing some values within Microsoft’s MSCONFIG Property.

First go into your start screen, Click on the search icon and type there MSCONFIG. You will see a screen like this,



Now right click over the MSCONFIG and select Run as Administrator. A new window will open on your desktop screen like this,



Now click on Boot tab and then select the boot options. First you have to check the Safe Boot option, then choose in which mode you want to run your safe boot like for Safe Mode with Networking tick the Safe Boot then select Network. Like in the picture below,



Now you have to click on Apply button then on OK button. This window will disappear and will show you a small windows with two options. One of them is Restart and another one is Exit Without Restart. If you click on Restart, You PC will restart and start into Safe Mode. But if you choose the second option, Next time when you turn on or restart your PC, your PC will start into safe mode.

In order to disable this Safe Boot or Start PC Normally. You need to start the MSCONFIG  again and uncheck the Safe Boot option and Apply the settings, From next time your PC will start normally.

This Safe Boot option is useful when your PC is heavily infected or you need to remove some files or applications from your computer but you cannot do from normal windows mode.

More Safe Boot tutorial are coming soon. Stay tuned.

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How Start Windows 8/8.1/10 In Safe Mode

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Ok guys, Here I will guide you how to start your Windows 10 computer in Safe Mode or Safe Mode With Networking (Same Process Applicable For Windows 8/8.1).

Sometimes when our system is heavily infected by malwares and viruses, In order to remove those CrapWares from our system we need to startup our pc in safe mode or safe mode with networking (with Internet access).

So first you have to be in your log on screen. From there HOLD THE SHIFT KEY from your keyboard with one finger and click on power icon and then on Restart.

1. Hold Shift And Click On Restart

Your PC will start in Advance Recovery Mode.

2. Select Troubleshoot

Now click on Troubleshoot.

3. Select Advanced Option

Click on Advanced Option.

4. Select Startup Option


5. Safe Mode Before

Click on Startup Settings. Then On Restart.

Your PC will restart and you will get a screen like this:

6. Use Function Key For Safe Mode

Choose the appropriate option, Such as F5 for Safe Mode With Networking. You just have to press F5 button from your keyboard for that, Or F4 For only the Safe Mode.

And your system will restart into safe mode.


Hope this tutorial help you guys, If you do have further question feel free to ask me anytime at comment section below. And have a great day and don’t forget to share if this help you. Goodbye. :-)


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How To Enable Start Menu In Windows 8/8.1

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Hello there hope you guys have enjoyed my previous article on how to remove Adwares from a Macintosh computer. Now I think many of you folks want to get back old windows 7 style start menu on there desktop. So here I am writing this guide to assist you, How you can get back your old windows style start menu on windows 8/8.1.

First you need to download a tool named StartIsBack on you computer. Then just install that program by double clicking on the executable file and follow the instruction over there and click over Next button few times.

Once it is installed launch the program. And there you will get a screen like this:


Just select your desired “Orb Logo” and click on “Apply”.

And you are done. You got your old school start menu back on windows 8/8.1.

If you have any further question related to this Article feel free to comment me below. I will be happy to answer you. And if this post help you, don’t forget to share it with your friends and close ones.

See ya. May the Tech be with you. :-)

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How To Remove Adwares From MAC Computer

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If you are using a Macintosh computer running a OS X version 10.7 (Lion) or later you may easily remove all the adwares from you MAC computer using a free tool named AdwareMedic.

Just goto there above URL and download the program. Run the program (installing it by dragging to right side application icon), Here is a image for the help,



After that close this window and type AdwareMedic in spotlight and launch the application. Click on Agree button and accept there licence agreement. After that a small window will open. There click on “Scan for Adware” button.


Then the application will continue it’s search for adwares infected browser addons and system files. And show you the list of infected files:



Click on “Select All” button and then click on “Remove” Selected“. It will ask you for the mac password. Just enter your password. If required program will ask you to restart you MAC computer. Just click on yes and you are done.


Later you may reset your browser setting and homepage that was changed by the adwares.

If you have any further question, You may ask me at comment section below. And don’t forget to share your knowledge. Have a great day.



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