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Upgrading to Windows 10 – Easy and Satisfying!

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Warning: this is not a tech based review, this is a noob review. Shout out to all the noobs out there. Yes we use computers too.

I always compare changing my OS to visiting a new restaurant – exciting, fun, hopeful, but all the while fearing that all those expectations would be smashed to smithereens by an enraged bulldozer. Thankfully, Windows 10 is the smoothest, cleanest and most satisfying OS, and with the help of amazing Cortana even the most basic users can find their way through the system. Trust me, I’m one of them.

I don’t understand formatting, I don’t even know how to, and installing a new OS meant a clean install, long hours of waiting, many mouse clicks, reinstalling previous applications – a lot of work. So when JC suggested I upgrade to Windows 10, my first answer was “no”. What I learned was you can get Windows 10 without a clean install, and all the previous programs and applications will be reinstalled automatically.

Great news!

So, I downloaded the Microsoft Media Creation Tool


– double clicked the application –

accepted the terms and conditions and clicked next


– chose Upgrade This PC and again next


It will start downloading Windows 10 to your PC. Once that’s done, accept the license terms and agreements. It will get the relevant updates and then click Install. Choose the version – home or professional, and your bit system – 32 bit or 64 bit, and you’re done. The PC will reboot several times but that’s just normal part of the process. You will find all the apps just as you had left them, thus saving us from a major hassle (that was always the most hated part, I would keep on forgetting what apps I need to download).

There are several things I liked immediately about Windows 10:

        • The desktop is very clean, the flat modern design is very appealing and a soothing change from the 3D look of Windows Vista and Windows 7 (I have never used Windows 8, I was warned too many times).
        • The Start Menu is adaptive, showing the Recently Added and Most Used programs first, and then continuing to display the full list of programs as you scroll down.
        • I am quite intrigued by the Virtual Desktop. It can be found in the Task Bar, right beside the Search Box. It’s really useful when you don’t want to close all the running programs right away but need a clean desktop to do something else. (My life has become less uncluttered).
        • The very favorite is the Search Box. Cortana is a useful tool for someone who can never remember where a particular program or feature is. As I was a Windows 7 user, accessing the Search Box without clicking on Start Button every time, is actually a big relief.

I won’t get into further specifics and will leave you to experiment and find out on your own, as I am, but to conclude I must say that the overall experience has been more than satisfactory. For someone who uses the PC for mostly non-technical purposes, Windows 10 provides a fulfilling experience.

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